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Whether you need paint removed from your brick/stucco house or building, your in ground swimming pool or your foundation we can accommodate your needs.  We also can remove paint and clean smoke or graffiti damage, contractor's equipment and dumpsters. 


Big Apple Restoration Sandblasting Service
Sandblasting and Paint Removal

Remove paint from brick homes or buildings.

Big Apple Restoration Sandblasted Wall, Weathering

We can take off as little or as much paint as you'd like to create a custom weathered or vintage look.

Big Apple Restoration Sandblasted House
Cleaning & Dusting

Remove paint run-off from your brick.


Big Apple Restoration Sandblasts Pools
Paint Removal by Sandblasting with Water

Remove peeling paint from your inground swimming pool.

Big Apple Restoration Sandblasts Graffiti
Smoke & Graffiti Removal
Big Apple Restoration Powerwashing

Clean brick or siding.

We can clean smoke damage and /or grafitti from brick or stone surfaces.

Big Apple Restoration Services, Inc.

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